Simple and Quick Tips to Correct Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

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Simple and Quick Tips to Correct Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Simple and Quick Tips to Correct Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Video Transcript

Steve with bcx boot camp and I wanted to come up with a sniffing that might help you with plantar fasciitis. that's something that a lot of our boot campers deal with any time you become active and you're on your feet a lot whether it's plyometrics or just starting out with a new exercise routine or you have bad footwear or tight muscles. Guys a lot of times we develop plantar fasciitis here's how you know you're at risk if you've gotten out of bed and the first few steps are really rough on your heels.

It's just aching and malaise feeling you might have the beginning of swollen fasciia. Of the fashion underneath the foot. Let me give you a quick anatomy lesson real fast. This is my gastroc point, this is my calf muscle and this is my soleus muscle. These to come into common at the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon then wraps around the calcaneus to the bottom of my foot where there's a long sheet of fasciia.

That fasciia than attaches to the the ball of the foot. When this fasciia rubs underneath the calcaneus from tight muscles or from pounding it becomes inflamed. The worst thing that could happen at that point is your body could start laying down bone under the calcaneus we get bone spurs. So to prevent that and to ease up on that faccia there's just some quick stretches this is a quick fix.

That could really help you out a lot. All right first one just the gastroc stretch my leg remains locked my knee is lot and I dropped my heel down. I elevate my toe on a bench it could be a phone book or anything but I come straight down. This is stretching my calf moreover my gastroc.

Now i also have to stretch the soleus so after 30 seconds and i'm not bouncing but after 30 seconds of a static hold. I bring my hip back and i bring my knee forward keeping my heel drop down. This allows for me to stretch my soleus again my soleus is this portion down here. So I stay here for 30 seconds. After stretching the gastroc in the soleus complex the idea is that it would loosen the fasciia under the foot.

Not keeping tension of that calcaneus bone. The other thing I want you to try to do is take a plastic bottle of water and freeze it. And barefooted roll your fasciia over that bottle of water. That also cool down the faster. Try that for five minutes or so between stretching the gastroc stretching the soleus and the icing. You guys will be surprised how this helps your plantar fasciitis I the Stephen bcs champ.

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