Calf Stretcher Review – 5 Best Leg and Calf Stretcher in 2017

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Calf Stretcher Review – 5 Best Leg and Calf Stretcher in 2017

Calf Stretcher Review – 5 Best Leg and Calf Stretcher in 2017

Calf Stretcher Review

Foot problems and pains are one of the dreaded things in life. Sometimes, it is inevitable to develop foot pains due to nature of our work or straining the feet muscles too much. One of the excruciating pains originate from the plantar fascia, Achilles tendons, archers and the calf.
All these foot parts are delicate and a small interference with their well-being can cause many sleepless nights and immobility.

However, the best and ultimate solution is working the foot and leg to ensure that you relieve pain from the designated areas.

One way you can do that is using the leg and calf stretchers which help by stretching out various leg and foot parts. Thus, offering pain relief for most foot and heel pains. Here are some of the best stretchers you can find on amazon:

#1 ProStretch Plus Customizable Calf Stretcher and Foot Stretcher

ProStretch Plus customizable calf and foot stretcher is the ultimate tool to help prevent foot problems as well as treat them indefinitely. Regardless of what your issues are i.e. Achilles tendonitis, sore calves, arch pains, muscle spasms or plantar fasciitis, these stretcher will do wonders in ensuring you get better. It is highly recommended for use by doctors, physician and physical trainer.

Patented stretching system - The ProStretch calf and foot stretcher is very effective and is known to work for most people and solve the various foot issues. It enhances flexibility along your foot and leg muscles offering the right sense of relaxed muscles you are looking for.

Removable toe lift - The manufactures of this stretcher included an exclusive toe lift stretch where you practically rest your toes. This helps with improving the stretch intensity on your foot as well as touching on the plantar fascia to offer pain relief.

Adjusted heel rest and amp - The heel rest and amp help you to stretch at your own pace and according to how much stretching your muscles need. You can increase or decrease the degree of stretch according to your requirements.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a rocker bottom design

  • Has a large platform where you step on for the stretches

  • The platform can cater for different people with different foot sizes (children foot sizes – adult size 14)

  • Adjustable heel rest

  • Removable toe lift

  • It is durable and easily portable


  • You have control over the stretching you want to do

  • It is comfortable and stable thanks to the larger base platform for foot stretching

  • It can be used by children as well as adults

  • It positions and hold your foot in the right position for improved stretch

  • Offers a deep and effective stretch for plantar fascia with the toe lift

  • Ideal for calves, toes, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fascia and hamstring stretching

Pros and Cons

The product has been reviewed by 99 customers and is a 4.1-star foot and calf stretcher. Considering it is advocated for by most health and fitness professionals, it means that it is a good tool that will help with your pains and spurs. Many of the customers are appreciative of the product and have given positive reviews. They say, “This one is my help”, “love this great stretch” as well as “… it helps so much and makes my foot feel better”.

However, there are a number of critical reviews with some customers saying that the tool breaks easily. One particular customer with plantar fasciitis says that “I have had “plantar fasciitis for over a year … I appreciate this tool very much. I have been able to achieve stretches I couldn’t before. I have been working with it for about 3 weeks and my pain is significantly better”. At any time of day, you can rely on this tool to help relieve your pains. Therefore, I recommend it if you want to stretch your muscles appropriately and enjoy the benefits.

#2: Medi-Gear Foot Rocker Calf, Ankle & Foot Stretcher Review

The Medi-Gear Foot Rocker is the perfect solution to the persistent lower body pains. This stretcher is manufactured to provide relief to the pain safely and in easy steps. It focuses on the very important muscles on your lower body, such as the Achilles tendon, all the stabilizer muscles around the Achilles tendon and the calf muscles. After having your foot optimally positioned, the stretcher provides a deep stretch on the above mentioned muscles hence clearing away your pain.

Optimal Stretch - This stretcher has an ergonomic design meant to align ones foot in an optimal position in order for to enhance the stretch on the foot muscles and lower legs. Its manufacturer’s advice that you should have each leg stretched at its own time.

One size to fit all - You don’t have to worry about the size of your foot with regards to the use of this stretcher. It is designed to hold a suitable range of foot sizes. All you have to do is ensure that your foot is in the right position and then you can begin the stretching.

Its effectiveness is proven - The facts about this stretcher are not fabricated. Scientists have gone a long way into testing its effectiveness. It acts on the important muscles on the lower leg making you achieve flexibility, balance and generally aids in preventing foot injuries.

Features and Specifications

  • It has an anti-slip surface

  • It is fully portable

  • One size can fit all foot sizes

  • It has double protective rubber stripes

  • Its design is strong but lightweight.


The Medi-Gear Foot Rocker is an optimal solution to feet problems. People suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch and ankle sprains and related chronic foot conditions can use this stretcher to effectively ease their pain.

The stretcher works to relieve your pain in a short time period. In 90 seconds, you can do three stretches and have your pains eased totally.

It helps its users achieve flexibility, better stretch capabilities, and balance and aids ultimately in the prevention of foot injuries.

Pros and Cons

The Medi-Gear Foot Rocker Calf, Ankle & Foot Stretcher is a durable. Customers talk of it as being “extremely comfortable” and “very effective”. With a rating of 4.8 stars the six reviews made, you can be sure that this stretcher meets its needs to the maximum. Satisfied customers talk of it as “well made and easy to use” and “awesome! Worked great!”

With no complain stated against this stretcher so far, I can safely proceed to make a recommendation for those seeking a quick fix solution to their feet problems.

#3 - ProStretch (Double) Original Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker Review

This stretcher is a favourite with athletic trainers and professional athletes as well as physical therapists. Having discovered that using this stretcher before and after exercise lowers the rate of injuries, its users have made it a part of their daily use. On a global scale, you will find all professional sporting events having a number of these stretchers. Its design is meant to hold one’s foot in an optimal position for the stretching of legs. The biomechanically accurate stretch work on the lower leg muscles better than all other methods.

Non-slip bottom - This stretcher has advanced rubber strips at the bottom to prevent your foot from sliding in order achieve a safe stretch and in order to get the proper results.

Its effectiveness is well proven - Physical therapists and many professional trainers rely on this stretcher due to the fact that they have tested and approved of the effectiveness of this stretcher.

Provides relief for almost all foot problems - The ProStretch Double Original Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker happens to be a perfect solution to discomfort arising from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pains, Achilles tendonitis and inflexibility.

Features and specifications

  • It fits adult shoe sizes of up to size 13

  • The maximum weight for use with stretcher is 250lbs

  • Has a perfect design to prevent one’s foot from slipping off


  • This stretcher handles a wide range of foot problems which makes it a must have for those suffering from them.

  • It can be used by athletes to minimize the rates of injuries as they proceed with their exercise.

Pros and Cons

This stretcher has a total of 156 reviews on Amazon. Out of these, 88% of the customers perceive it as an effective stretcher hence have given it a rating of 4 to 5 stars. Most customers are happy for the solution it provides. One of them for example says “this works great with my plantar fasciitis”. The effectiveness of this ProStretch Double Original Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker is proven. Comments related to its effectiveness include “this stretcher works”, “perfect for stretching” and “Best stretcher ever “. It’s a great tool for working out which is why clients say they love it: “I love this thing”, “Love it “and” It is a great help” being the more prominent comments about it.
Some clients however have shoe sizes greater than size 13, which makes it impossible for them to effectively use this stretcher.

Having been adopted for professional training and for use in most physical therapy clinics, this stretcher gets my outright recommendation. It has a wide range of uses hence its versatility amongst its users.

# 4- BodyHealt (Single) Leg Stretcher and Foot Rocker Review

The BodyHealt single leg stretcher and foot rocker is your ideal tool for stretching that offers ultimate support and stability. It helps improve your plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, claves and hamstrings. It also helps keep your muscles relaxed and relieve any tight muscles thus preventing risks of foot and leg pains. Use it while sitting or standing, the effect is the same and you will enjoy the benefits associated with this stretcher and rocker.

Has a rocker bottom design - This enhances stability of the tool while in use and you can basically rock your leg muscles to relieve pain gradually. It also offers foot support while stretching thus allowing you to effectively stretch as needed.

Foot plate and ridges - This leg stretcher and foot rocker has a foot plate and ridges that allow you to position your feet in the right way. It supports your foot surface and at the same time, offers good foot grip that is essential when stretching.

Compact and small design - This makes it ideal for travel and you can carry it with you to the office or gym. Therefore, you can stretch from anywhere at any time whenever you feel the need to.

Features and specifications

  • It is easily portable and you can carry it home, to the office or gym

  • It is an assistive stretching device

  • A foot plate with ridges for foot support

  • Has a rocker bottom design


  • Ideal for treatment of Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, strained calves, heel pains and tight calf muscles

  • It allows you to stretch your foot muscles and straighten your ankles as well

  • Improves balance, flexibility and mobility

  • Ideal for the healing process after foot or leg injury and surgery

Pros and cons
Currently, there are no reviews on amazon, but from the look of things, it is an effective stretch and rocker tool for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and any other foot and heel pains you might be experiencing. Nevertheless, you carry it along with you to satisfy your stretching needs and relieve any pain you might be feeling.

The possible drawbacks with this stretcher can be based on the fact that the foot plate can be small for some people’s foot sizes. Apart from that, you can be confident that you will achieve the right stretch with the BodyHealt single leg stretcher and foot rocker. Therefore, I would recommend you to trying it, and experience firsthand what it can do for you.

#5 - Gaiam Wellbeing Foot and Calf Stretcher Review

The Gaiam wellbeing foot and calf stretcher is meant to stretch your foot and calf gradually and maximize the stretching motion. It is good for stretching out your foot muscles whether you have foot pain problems or not. For stability when exercising, the stretcher has rubber strips, while the foot plate and ridges enhance grip and foot alignment.

Rubber strips
The foot and calf stretcher has been designed with rubber strips to provide extra stability. They ensure that as you exercise, the stretcher does not constantly move around which might lead to falls and foot damage.

Foot plate and ridges
The foot plate and ridges are meant to guide you on how to step on the stretcher. It has a rough treaded surface which helps with grip and makes sure you are well positioned on it before you start stretching.

Features and Specifications:

  • A downloadable guide exercise guide

  • The rubber strips for stability

  • Foot plates for alignment and ridges for grip


  • It helps improve mobility due to the gradual and even stretching achieved from using the stretcher

  • Increases foot and calf strength thus alleviating pain

  • The features help you use the stretcher appropriately for added advantage

Pros and Cons
The Gaiam foot and calf stretcher has twenty-two customer reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. It is easy to use and above all, it is very effective in strengthening your foot and calf muscles. Additionally, it helps minimize pains from various parts on your foot and leg in general. Amazon customer reviews are on average positive with most of the clients posting comments such as “great product”, “five stars” and “useful tool for foot therapy”.

One particular customers says it is simple but effective with arthritis and plantar fasciitis. “My mom has arthritis in her knee as well as plantar fasciitis in her foot. Stretching her muscles helps to make her more comfortable and mobile”. However, another customers says that it is limited. The customer says “the product seems pretty durable and well made. It comes with two inserts: care instructions and three basic stretching exercises. This is kind of limited …” as much as the exercises are not many, one thing remains constant. It helps work your muscles and that is why I recommend it.


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