7 Home Treatment and Remedies to Get Rid of or Lessen Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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7 Home Treatment and Remedies to Get Rid of or Lessen Plantar Fasciitis Pain

7 Home Treatment and Remedies to Get Rid of or Lessen Plantar Fasciitis Pain

If you have plantar fasciitis, waking up in the morning and getting out of bed may be an awfully painful way to start your day. By the time you get a chance to put your feet up and rest them in the evening, they’re usually screaming at you for some help. You may feel like it could be time for a visit to the doctor, but these 7 natural plantar fasciitis home treatments could fix the pain in your feet and heel.

#1 Carefully select your shoes

 You’re going to need to find some shoes that are specially designed to providing you with arch support, because your flat shoes are only making your plantar fasciitis worse. Look for shoes that have strong support around the heal and provide a nice stable platform for your feet to flow across. Having arch support is priceless when it comes to saving your feet from suffering all day long. It’s also a plus that there are tons of great options and styles available with good arch support.

#2 Invest in Arch Support Bands

 Support bands for your arches is another way to naturally help your plantar fasciitis from taking over your day. They’re small support pads that wrap around your feet, and they’re typically held together with a Velcro strip. It’s a cheap solution for anyone looking for a versatile way to wear a wide variety of shoes. These bands are small enough to fit inside of most of your shoes, and some supports even provide specialised magnets to help with pain relief.

#3 Massage

 Electronic massagers are perfect for stimulating deep tissue rejuvenation that your foot desperately needs. Massage helps you stimulate your blood flow and will relax your strained muscles. This is a more expensive option, but it’s an extremely effective way to help cure all that pain that comes from stressing your arches.

It’s also nice to have a massager available for your back and your neck after a long day at work!

#4 Use a Night Splint

 A night splint is a perfect way to stop your soft tissues from constricting throughout the night, and it’s a surprisingly helpful way to help cure your plantar fasciitis. It may be a little bit awkward at first, but this natural remedy is an extremely effective method for those who are looking to put absolutely zero efforts into the therapy. While it is more effective when its used with other remedies, it’s still a wonderful stand-alone option.


#5 Buy Inserts

 If you love your shoes too much to part with them, you can choose to invest in inserts so you can support your arches while you wear your favorite kicks. Some insoles are available that allow users to acquire custom fits for their feet without the massive price tag. It’s the perfect addition to your natural remedy plan because they naturally ease up the pressures that occur throughout the arch.


#6 Hot Water Foot Baths

 Another excellent way to help ease the pain in your feet is to take a foot bath using hot water. This gives your feet the chance to relax some and open up. As a result, you’ll receive increased blood flow, muscle relaxation, and naturally improved rejuvenation for your arches. Hot water baths are perfect for people who are active throughout the day, and it can help prevent further injuries due to strained muscles throughout the feet.


#7 Take Adequate Rest
take rest for plantar fasciitis

While it may not always be an available option, rest is considered one of the most effective forms of natural treatment for plantar fasciitis.

In fact, Albert Pujols swears by using rest as his favorite way to ease up on the pain that he gets from his feet.



Visiting a Doctor

While going to the doctor is generally recommended when the pain is extreme and intolerable, most healthcare professionals look towards proven practice techniques to help aid in finding the correct solutions. This could lead to conflicting information, because everyone has information to back up their opinions on the matter. However, when you’re looking towards treating plantar fasciitis there’s only one real way to fix the problem. You’re going to need to give your arch support and do everything you can to help stimulate the healing process to make your feet feel better. After your side effects start going away, you can continue the natural remedies you used to treat the pain, and then you can progress to strengthening your arches though specifically designed exercise therapy.

Your plantar fasciitis is without a doubt a painful experience, but using these natural remedies is the perfect way to soothe your feet and create long term comfort instead of pain. This terrible injury can be a blessing in disguise, because it forces you to take good care of your feet. If you can conquer this injury once, you can easily prevent it in the future and make your feet stronger and healthier than they’ve ever been.

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