5 Best Hiking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain For Men and Women

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5 Best Hiking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain For Men and Women

5 Best Hiking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain For Men and Women

Top and Best Hiking Shoes and Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

If you love hiking but are too scared to take the risk because of plantar fasciitis or heel spurs or heel pains. Then, you need not worry anymore because there are a ton of great hiking shoes for you.

These hiking shoes are available for women and men and you can find them in your right size and width fitting. These hiking shoes are great for hiking not because they look all mighty and powerful for the terrains. But because they offer relief for your plantar fasciitis alongside great support and incredible comfort.

Here are some of the latest models of ideal hiking shoes for people with various foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur, etc.

Hiking Shoes Top Features Ratings Latest Discounted Price
Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe For Men
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  1. Compression molded EVA foot frame
  2. Have a Vibram sole
  3. Alleviates symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel pains
4.5/5 Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe for men review
KEEN Men's Targhee II Hiking Shoe
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  1. Breathable and waterproof membrane
  2. A removable metatomical EVA footbed
  3. Help combat plantar fasciitis and heel pains
Merrell Men's Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe
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  1. Bellows tongue
  2. Merrell air cushion
  3. Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis
Adidas Outdoor Ax2 Hiking Shoe For Men
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  1. Molded sock liner
  2. Adiprene Insert
  3. lightweight EVA midsole
Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe
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  1. ortholite foot bed
  2. The Moab Ventilator
  3. Vibram Lugs

#1 Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe For Men - Review


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The Merrell Moab Ventilator is designed for the outdoor activity. But at the same time, it is designed to serve those with plantar fasciitis. It possess powerful features and is capable of weathering any outdoor terrains and trails. For the feet protection, it contains of lug patterns that increase stability in any hiking situation. It also offers great heel and ankle support thus there is no straining applied on this two delicate foot parts.

Vibram lugs: The shoe is fitted with 5mm vibram lugs that provides you with stability while hiking. They also offer comfort during hikes in different surfaces, wet or dry, with fine grip and outstanding performance.  The lugs also helps to lessen pressure applied in foot joins and heels, thus alleviating pain for plantar fasciitis infected feet.

Rubber toe bumper and heel counter: This helps with absorbing shock during hiking as you coarse through the different surfaces. It is less than likely you will meet a rough trail or terrain which can affect your feet sensitivity to pain. But thanks to these two features, you can walk along with much ease and no pain whatsoever. M select fresh for good odor.

The shoe features an M select fresh that helps with keeping your feet fresh and keep away the bad odor. It enhances good odor by preventing sweat and water from interfering with the smell of your shoes.

Features and specifications:

  • Compression molded EVA foot frame

  • They are made of leather and synthetic

  • Moulded nylon arch shank

  • Have a Vibram sole

  • M select fresh

  • Fitted with an air cushion midsole and ortholite anatomical footbed

  • Water resistant leather and mesh upper

  • Rubber toe bumper and heel counter


  • Improves pain attributed to by plantar fasciitis

  • It is sturdy and very functional in both wet and dry surfaces

  • The mesh upper and water resistant leather help keep feet dry and cool

  • M select fresh also helps in keeping your feet moisture-free and sweat-free.

  • Great support for plantar fasciitis

  • Alleviates symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel pains thanks to the combined effort of the hiking shoe features.

Pros and Cons:

The hiking shoe has managed to secure a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and as of now has 72 reviews. There are those who love the shoe and would by it anytime of day because of the good experience they have had with the shoe. It is undeniably sturdy and ideal for outdoor activities. But then again, not everyone will find it to be their kind of shoe. From a fully satisfied customer, he says that the shoes are comfortable and sturdy. Another says “he is raving about the awesome arch supports”.

On the other hand, there are unhappy customers and one laments of how the shoe started falling out after a few weeks. As a matter of fact he says “worn it somewhat (1 or 2 days/week) in light conditions. Sole has separated on the right side of the left shoes from the uppers. No specific stress or damage caused the separation.” Another says that “the rubber siding on the top part of the shoe started to come off after five months of use”. As much as they are unhappy about the shoe falling apart after a few months, they do not complain about its functionality. This means it is a good shoe and as from the 5-star customer reviews, it is a great boot, just right for the occasion and they are comfortable and supportive. Enough said, We recommend this shoes for those who love hiking and various outdoor experiences.

Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe for men review

#2 KEEN Women's Targhee II Outdoor Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis

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The women’s Keen Targhee II hiking shoe for is the true definition of lightweight and durability. It is easy on your feet and at the same time it offers you the flexibility to walk on terrains with much ease. On top of that, it is waterproof and keeps your feet dry from sweat, water as well as moisture.

Non-marking rubber outsole: The non-marking rubber outsole which the Keen Targhee II women hiking shoe is fitted with enhances grip. This improves your stability and you can walk comfortably with them over long distances.

Breathable and waterproof membrane: The shoe manufacturers fitted the shoe with a Keen.dry membrane that is responsible for keeping the feet free from sweat and water. Whether you are going for long hikes or fall in water, you can be assured of comfort since the membrane helps keep your feet dry.

Removable metatomical footbed: To ensure that you have total control of your foot positioning, this hiking shoe has a removable metatomical footbed. It also enhances comfortability by fitting your foot shape perfectly.

Features and specifications:

  • Made of leather and textile material

  • Fitted with a synthetic sole

  • Shaft measures approximately 3-inches from arch

  • Cleansport NXT for natural odor

  • A removable metatomical EVA footbed

  • 4mm multi directional lugs

  • Torsion stability ESS shank


  • Dry feet and improved feet breathability

  • The shoe protects your heels and toes from injury while hiking

  • The shoe is very comfortable and offers great support on terrains and hiking trails

  • Help combat plantar fasciitis and heel pains

Pros and Cons:

This hiking shoes have an average score of 4.3 stars and 1,074 customer reviews. It is a great lightweight hiking shoe and you can walk for miles with plantar fasciitis or normal feet. From current customer reviews, the shoe seems to fit its function with a bit of shortcomings here and there. One customer expresses the reason why she likes the shoes compared to the Keen boot version. “I’m a big fan of Keen … I like that these are not heavy like the hiking boot”. Another adds and says “my fourth pair of Keen’s hiking shoes …” As much as there are Keen hiking shoes fanatics, some seem to feel otherwise especially when it comes to the sizing.

Two customers in particular complain about the size they bought and one says “I purchased size 8 and 8 1/2. One was too small the other too big”. However, if the shoe fits your feet, then you will love everything about this shoes. That is why we recommend them to you and nevertheless, they are gentle on your plantar fasciitis.

#3 Merrell Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe For Men - Review

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The merrell chameleon prime stretch hiking shoes are your ideal reliable hiking shoes for any kind of terrains. They give you pace and agility, and at the same time, they offer you the support and protection you need for plantar fasciitis. The prime stretch feature is meant to grip firmly on your foot and offer comfortability you need while hiking.

Bellows tongue: The bellows tongue fitted in the shoe prevents collection of debris around the foot while hiking. Even in the deepest terrains filled with all kind debris, you can walk away scot free with little or no debris.

Merrell air cushion: The merrell air cushion is meant to offer protection to your feet and ensure that you are comfortable. It helps secure your feet in the right position within the shoe offering the ultimate support your plantar fasciitis needs. This helps in relieving pressure and stress as well on different foot parts.

Stretchy top line and bungee laces: This is to enhance how well it fits your toe and secure from constantly sliding in the shoe. Even with a shoe that is an inch bigger, you can be guaranteed that it will hold on tight to your foot thanks to the stretchy topline. In addition to that, it is comfortable and it does not cause skin irritation or itchiness. Bellows tongue The bellows tongue fitted in the shoe prevents collection of debris around the foot while hiking. Even in the deepest terrains filled with all kind debris, you can walk away scot free with little or no debris.

Features and specifications:

  • Designed with mesh, leather and synthetic materials

  • Breathable mesh lining fitted with M select fresh

  • Removable EVA footbed

  • Merrell air cushion

  • Padded collar with pull tab


  • It has an aggressive traction which makes it ideal for dry or wet trail surfaces

  • They are sturdy and stable during hikes

  • They absorb shock thus protecting your heel and toes from damage and injury

  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis patients

Pros and Cons: The shoes have a 4.2 out of 5 star rating from 1, 323 customer reviews. It is a versatile hiking shoes that offers you what you need to enjoy your adventures in peace. As much as there is a large population of customers who think the shoe is quality and ideal for plantar fasciitis, there are those who think it is not all that cool. While one customer says it is one of the best hiking shoes out there since 2015, another feels different and says the quality has gone downhill. One enthusiastic customer says the shoe is comfortable and great attraction for adventure. He proceeds to highlight the pros and cons of this hiking shoes. For one, the shoes are comfortable and they look cool.

However, the front rubber seems to peel off too soon and the soles slip out of the shoe. Another customer seems to agree and says “love the shoe for hiking but must replace every 2-3 months”. As a good hiking shoe, I recommend it
for all those with plantar fasciitis and love for adventure.

#4 Adidas Outdoor Ax2 Hiking Shoe For Men - Reivew


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The Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking shoes for men have proven to be some of the best hiking shoes available for purchase. These shoes are low on the ground, a thing that enables one to walk without the fear of losing balance even in the rocky terrain. This, coupled with a traction outsole which is meant to provide better grip, make them a sure choice for men planning to on a hike on any kind of ground.

Molded sock liner: The manufacturers of these shoes also fit molded sock liners into them. This is in order to enhance comfort and fit. That is a perfect hiking shoe as one would not have to worry about their hiking shoes slipping off in unsuitable terrains.

Adiprene Insert: With the Adidas outdoor AX2 shoes, you no longer have to worry about sustaining injuries as a result of shock. These shoes have an adiprene insert on the midsole, meant to provide shock absorption and consequently comfort.

Super high traction rubber: The outsole of these shoes come with super high traction rubber which is meant to facilitate better grip in the wet conditions.

Features and Specifications: 

  • These shoes are made of textile

  • They are fitted with Rubber soles

  • They have a 5mm lug height

  • Insulation material to help you keep warm even in the wet conditions

  • They have a lightweight EVA midsole meant to provide long term cushioning

  • They have high traction rubber to provide maximum grip in slippery terrains

  • Their weight is convenient since they only weigh 15 ounces


  • These shoes are suitable for all terrains

  • They can be used for long distance and short distance hiking as their weight is convenient

  • These shoes offer great support to your feet

Pros and Cons:

These shoes happen to be “Excellent and comfortable “which is why 88 percent of customers think that they are worth a rating of 4 or stars. The sizes of these shoes happen to be consistent, adding to the comfort of their users.  Adidas Outdoor Ax2 Hiking shoes provide “terrific traction” and “keep your feet relatively warm”. The shoes provide 100% support to their users, more so those whose job or activity description involves standing up for a long time. This can be attributed to the “perfect fit” of the shoes. The durability of these shoes is in question. While customers approve of their other good qualities, they think that they barely last enough to give the desired service.

There are others who also think that they are overpriced. Some customers talk of the price as being “terrific” and others.

#5 Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe For Women - Review


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The Merrell Moab ventilator hiking shoes come as a necessity for women out to do summer hikes. This breathable hiking shoe is also very light in weight making a very convenient footwear for use in hiking trails. The presence of the Dura leather strapping is essential for the provision of support and protection to your feet. The structure of the Merrell Moab Ventilator shoes is in such a way that you get to experience maximum comfort during the hiking session, which means you will not have to deal with sore feet after the long walk.

The Moab Ventilator: With Moab Ventilators, you are guaranteed of fresh feet as you carry on with your outdoor activities. Nothing beats the pertinence of these shoes more so when it comes to the very lively activities. The hot temperatures are no longer a thing to fear of.

Vibram lugs: The presence of lugs on these shoes is basically for the provision of stability in a range of ground conditions. The lugs are not placed under the arch in order to enhance more natural flexing of your feet, along with the provision of comfort. This implies enables one to walk on dry and wet surfaces.

M Select Fresh: The M Select Fresh happens to provide the long lasting freshness of your shoes, despite the range of activities you get involved in all through your hiking day. The presence of the antimicrobial agents get to act on the odor causing microbes, terminating their production, hence keeping your shoes always fresh.

Features and Specifications:

  • They have an ortholite foot bed

  • They are made of leather and fabric

  • They have Vibram soles which provide the much needed stability on any type of ground.

  • They have a breathable mesh for proper ventilation.

  • These shoes can stay fresh for long periods of time due to the M Select Fresh feature.

  • They are quite light, weighing 1.8 pounds on average.

  • They are manufactured by Merrell Footwear.


  • These shoes are adapted for all kinds of hiking terrains.

  • You don’t have to worry about sore feet as Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking shoes provide you with maximum comfort.

  • These shoes barely require airing out as they have a self-freshening system.

Pros and Cons:

Theses shoes have great traction, and keep ones feet comfortable and well supported. 72 percent of customers offering their reviews have given them a five star rating which means they have derived the satisfaction they needed.

Most consumers also commented “Love these shoes “, “Great shoes “or “I made a good choice”. The shoes are quite light in weight which makes clients order them for a range of activities, including playing outdoor games such as tennis. Customers have commended the manufacturers of the shoe for it making it easy to walk around with “no rubbing”, “no callouses”, “no cramping“, “no sweating” and “no blistering”.

The inconsistency in the shoe size has frustrated a number of customers. Some have claimed that the shoes are “too large” for the usual size, while others have simply asked for the manufacturers of the shoes to make the “size be consistent”. Along with this, a number of customers think that some features of the shoes are not in the correct proportions. Some think the “shoe laces are too short” or the “cushioning at the ankle is overly thick”.

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