13 Things To Do When You are Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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13 Things To Do When You are Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis Pain

13 Things To Do When You are Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Tired and aching feet

If you have been suffering and tolerating from Plantar Fasciitis Pain, then do follow the below steps without giving a second thought

  1. First of all, have a positive attitude within yourself and a complete faith in the treatment which you may undergo

  2. If the pain is severe, immediately see a podiatrist. The sooner the treatment is, the sooner the recovery period is.

  3. Anti inflammatory medication is effective in reducing the pain (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17257533)

  4. Never get in to anything that causes the pain (you need to identify what activity is causing you the pain – sitting for a longer period of time, running, jogging, sitting for a longer period in the same position, etc)

  5. If any particular exercise is giving you the pain, stop doing it completely

  6. A simple calf muscle stretching for about 5-minutes can make a lot of difference. Just keep in mind that while stretching ensure that your toes are not upwards, this may worsen the existing condition and can give more pain. Immediately wear a PF shoe or slippers to reduce the morning pain after rising from the bed.

  7. Never walk to bathroom barefoot

  8. Never walk barefoot or wear a flat shoe. It is highly recommended to wear a slight heel shoe.

  9. Got flat feet? Then, consider wearing an insole. In the early stages of Plantar fasciitis, insoles have shown a dramatic improvement in reducing the pain

  10. Sports shoes that have become too old or lost their cushioning and support have to be replaced with the new one that gives adequate support to your heel.

  11. This is very important. Rest yourself and avoid doing things like standing for a longer period of time. If prolonged sitting cannot be avoided, then try to extend your calf muscles. Here is what you can do “sit straight and make sure that your legs are straightened, pull your feet towards you for about 10-12 seconds, doing so will stretch your calf muscles. Repeat as many times as you can so that your calf muscles do not get tightened while sitting for long hours. In general, you have to do calf muscle strengthening and stretching exercise for about 5-10 minutes daily.

  12. The best thing to reduce pain is to use an ice pack on the area where you are experiencing the pain. Freeze a water bottle and roll in to your arch, to avoid ice burn you can simply run baby oil (or any oils suitable for applying over the body) over the arch. You may also be prescribed with an anti-inflammatory gel to run over the arch area while applying the ice. Do this until the pain is gone.

  13. Go for conventional RICE treatment

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