Heel Pain – Common Causes and Various Treatment Procedure

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Heel Pain – Common Causes and Various Treatment Procedure

Heel Pain – Common Causes and Various Treatment Procedure

Video Transcript

Heel pain- Heel pain is very common with several common causes. It is important to make the correct diagnosis so the appropriate treatment will be provided to the patient. Common causes include 1. Baxter nerve compression 2. plantar fasciitis 3. fat pad a trophy 4. achilles tendonitis 5. Stress fracture of the calcaneus. Baxter nerve compression it is the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve which is division of the posterior tibial nerve this near becomes trapped in the medial healed.

This interment will result in heel pain paresthesia, abnormal sensation on the plantar aspect and medial he'll tenderness. Sprinters dancer and gymnast have will develop abductor hallicus muscle which will compress the nerve when the athletes are frequently under toes. Treatment includes heel stretching exercises, not destroyed anti-inflammatory medication, Orthoses, surgery to decompress the nerve at the fascia between the abducter hallicus and quadratus.

Plantar fasciitis- Irritation and the swelling of the thick fibrous band at the bottom of the foot. The fascia become inflamed painful and making walking more difficult. Plantar fasciitis is most severe in the morning when the patient's first stand on their feet. Stretching exercises or walking often help in relieving the painful tightening associated with plantar fasciitis. Pain symptoms will intensify with prolonged exercises or standing also with running and increase activity. You also find the medial calcaneal tuberosity tenderness and the tight heel cord.

Treatment includes the anti-inflammatory medication, heel cord stretching exercises, shoe inserts and rarely surgery. Fat pad atrophy - In fat pad atrophy the fat that cushions the calcaneous is thinned. This condition is common in the elderly people and can cause significant pain while walking. There is also a history of steriod injection and a lot of patients. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory medication and shoe inserts.

Achilles Tendonitis the chronic injury to the tendon that joins the heel to the muscles of the lower leg. It occurs due to overuse and the pain is at the back of the heel. when the Achilles tendon is involved in this inflamation or overuse condition it makes walking painful and difficult. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory, physical therapy, massage, Ice therapy and immobilization.

Stress fractures- Stress fracture of the calcaneus can occur due to overuse injuries. The patient will experience weight-bearing pain. This stress fracture are typical of running sports due to the repetitive shock being placed on the heel. Side to side compression of the calcaneus is usually painful. Treatment rest, immobilization and activity modification.

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