Fixing Heel Pain And Achilles Tendon

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Fixing Heel Pain And Achilles Tendon

Fixing Heel Pain And Achilles Tendon

Video Transcript

This video demonstrates how to fix heel pain and achilles tendon.

I'm going to show you how to get that talents into the box underneath the tibia and fibula because it actually dome that talus rocks back and forth to it allows the ankle to move up and down the way it's supposed to dorsiflex and plantar fascia. But first thing you do is I'm glue that Achilles will not heal board-track clamps down the problem is you can't do deadlifts, you can't do snatches, you can't get into the bottom of the squat if you do.

It hurts users 26 bones in the human foot none of the move right because that Achilles comes down and then fans out into that plantar fascial on the bottom of the foot. So we're going to clear out the Achilles. You're going to find all that foot and ankle pain goes away and and all that pain in the bottom of the squad goes away. So you grabbed your boob at pop off your special games addition shoe doesn't have to be games edition ship.

And then start at the top I say this time you know we're going to we're going to capture some of the foot. So i'm going to wrap this up make sure it's good and snug gonna go about country music in the background. We're gonna go up about fifty sixty percent tension on the backside is where you want to have all the tension so you're really going to clamp down that Achilles give it a good rap make sure it's really tight.

Remember you don't want to stay in this thing for longer than three minutes. Somebody asked me that yesterday when you guys asked for an instagram. How long you can stay on in a foot event for longer than three minutes is a long time to be under compression like that tissue tends to not like that very much. So it works really effective remember you gotta move when your food about to these are nice sleeps.

So don't use them as those so now I got a big rap so let's do this mad camera skills I know move the camera around you see it is not cool check that out. When I wear one of these all dancing go big latex blut now what you want to do is you want to take this so right now. I've already clamp it down you want to be able to take it through ranges of motion but you want to do it under load so check this out. I'm going to lean forward so let's get this way so you can see what i'm good.

I got fifty three pound kettlebell that I stole from kyle field cord is clamped down we're going to go forward. So there's a couple of things you're going to do this one first get that as part of this out-of-the-way get that as far forward as you can but that heel stays absolutely crazy glued to the floor. None of this kind of stuff because now we're engaging I feel courts I want that all the way.

So I got pretty good he'll mobility if you can't get this far it's okay nobody's mad nobody's watching. Well i'm watching I'm always watching you bring this up take the 53 use a heavy use a dumbbell if you have to use a heavier object kettlebells know about that's why don't use a barbell and one you guys this one I could use a bar before use of our ball get that on here give it some support and then applying the way into that front portion as far as you can get a pinch in the front of the ankle.

That's where the band's going to come i'm going to show you that in a second do this for about two minutes. Keep that heel planted on the ground that's number one you want to go through a full range. So you really got attack down peeling it off the pump now check this out you take this. We're gonna move this a lot more time we don't need to see my shoot cool shoot up. Trust me it's really cool shoot now you're gonna take this and you really give it a good yank. So now i'm taking the talus efforts that dome shaped bone taking the talents and I'm yanking it back approximating it to the back of the backwards supposed to be. So it allows me to come forward more load up the span about probably 50 60 pounds of tension get it all loaded up.

Now take your kettlebell do the same thing so now I've got the added distraction and I pulling that talent into the back of the joint where it's supposed to be. I guarantee you you're going to be able to go through the forward and then just hang out there. Okay how long do we do it yeah that's like two minutes.

You know the routine I'm gonna apologize for the country music in the background. We're all trying to figure it out that's number two number three yeah we're staying in the room and you don't have to stay in this thing that this amount of time. But right now we're going to be going to take a peanut. Ok here's to more cross-balls taped up together i don't care if you use rocktape band-aids duct tape it doesn't really matter just as long as they're together.

And they don't come apart you're gonna trap the heel cord in the Box all you're going to do you check this out. It's like a perfect fit and you're going to take your leg clapping overtop this might seem easy. If this hurts for you guys remember this is like level one ok if this hurts stay here if not move up. But what you're going to do is you're going to ride this all the way up to the top where that band is because there's what's called up my or muscular tenants junction. Where the muscle turns into the tendon right there's where it tends to get really really stuck.

So that's where you want to peel it away off that tibia just cross over do these funky little foot down circles. Always got the great music in the background so that's why we're just doing a little foot now do this for about two minutes. Again same thing that's too easy grab your PVC this is where it gets funky. Now i'm on the PVC pipe this i'm going to tell you right now much worse. Cross the leg over top the same thing all the way you're gonna come all the way down to where I'm saving the best one for last. This is gonna peel this fall off the bone matter of fact always visible.

Already i kind of don't want to do the next one but I'm gonna that's the level two, level three you like that little class trip how we do basketball with the kettlebell good right there i'm gonna show you something by the way after this unless he moves but Kyle's just camped on the bottom of squat like it's so friggin easy pretty. Awesome i'm gonna show you guys you're gonna get up on a kettlebell doesn't have the weight you guys gonna send me messages about how heavy to use it doesn't matter.

Because you're resting on it just make sure it doesn't fall over. Get your foot on it clamped down make sure that booty man is nice and tight. Oh ok this is awful this is telling you right off the bat I need to do this you're gonna go up down back and forth circumduction ankle there's a word for the day circumduction. You have to use that 10 times in the sentence today all the way and just peel that 10 and right off the bone.

But that's going to allow you to do is that soleus and that gastroc not plantaris. All those muscles are going to do what they're supposed to you we're going to slide past each other so now you got steaks on steaks that actually slide past each other instead of space on steaks that are velcro to each other told you.

I was going to show you this check this out look at that that's a savage squad so easy no support nothing. I just had to show you guys that's awesome in all right. Hey listen that's how you unglue the heel cord get everything moving away its most you we got two angles to both sides. Got one echo only to one side by trying to both. All right hey do your homework on trap smash works see you guys tomorrow the great.

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