The 5 Best Ways to Find the Ultimate Heel Pain Cure

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The 5 Best Ways to Find the Ultimate Heel Pain Cure

The 5 Best Ways to Find the Ultimate Heel Pain Cure

Many people experience continuous pain or stiffness in the heel. The pain can be so tremendous that it can affect the quality of life, preventing the person from engaging in different activities. The pain is mostly felt after waking up. Or it is felt when you stand up after sitting for a long time but it tends to get better with time as you take the first steps.

The pain is usually caused by the inflammation of the plantar fasciitis, the thick tissue or the fascia that run across the bottom of your foot. It is could a sharp inhibiting name or a dull feeling of discomfort. The pain could be also due to the inflammation of Achilles tendons.

People who suffer from chronic tightness in the hamstrings, the thighs or the calves usually experience this inhibiting pain. Some people feel this pain because they are overweight or suffer from scoliosis that causes hips imbalance.

So what is the best heel pain cure?

In this article we will discuss the best ways to find instant heel pain remedy:

  1. Stretch your fascia:Heel pain could be caused by tight muscles, and these could happen due to a lot of reasons. When you walk or run for long distances in shoes that don’t have enough arch support, you end up with tight muscles that are painful and sore. As you keep ignoring the problem, the pain tends to get worse over time. Heavy exercising also causes tears in the muscles and the connective tissue. The connective tissue tends to fix these tears and injuries by forming knots. The knots keep the muscles in a contracted state and they cause discomfort and pain. The best heel pain remedy for contracted muscles and fascia is to try to stretch them. You can put up your feet up against a wall and keep your arch and heel flat so that the toes stretch to the maximum. Maintain the position for 10 seconds and repeat it several times per day. Over time this will stretch the fascia and will strengthen it.

  1. Use a foam roller: A foam roller is a great massage tool that can be used for deep tissue massage. It provides the same benefits of professional myofascial massage done by therapists. You can use a foam roller to apply an adequate amount of pressure to the painful area. It is one of the best ways to cure heel pain fast. You don’t need to use the foam roller for long intervals. The benefits of foam rolling are achieved by repeated movements done for short intervals. You can put a foam roller under your heel and shift some of your weight to it. Roll your foot to the front and the back slowly to achieve pain relief. You can also use the foam roller to massage your hamstrings and calves. This will release the muscle tension in your heel. Foam rolling all your muscles achieves great benefits to your overall mobility and flexibility. Even tight shoulders can cause heel pain because they affect your posture. Always use a soft foam roller as the ridged ones could be too much handle, if you suffer from pain or injury.

  1. Freeze a massage ball and massage the fascia: A golf ball is the best tool to massage the heel. Put the ball under the foot and roll it to the back and the front. Shift some of your weight to the ball. Don’t apply too much pressure and don’t roll too fast. Spend time on the painful area but pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you feel too much pain, you have to stop as too much pressure can increase the inflammation. When you take time to massage injured areas, you are giving your muscles and tissues the chance to heal and benefit from the massaging technique. You can use the golf ball several times a day to relieve trigger points and to fix muscles tension, pressure and soreness. Freezing the golf ball will elevate some of the pain because the cold temperature tends to numb some of the pain.

  1. Roll a frozen bottle under the arch: An frozen bottle acts just like a foam roller but the cold temperature relieves some of the pain really fast. First you need to stretch your arch, and then put the bottle under the arch. Roll your arch slowly for 10 seconds by shifting some of your weight onto the bottle. Release and rest then repeat. You can do this several times a day.

  1. Bump your arch and improve your posture: It is very important to support your arch to relieve some of the pain. Get commercial insoles that will bump your arch. These will push on the plantar and will prevent it from flexing. They will strengthen the plantar and support it to relieve some of the heel pain. When you strengthen the plantar you will relieve some of the inflammation. Also consider the importance of good and balanced posture. Walking while you are slouching can cause so much pressure on the wrong parts of your body. It can cause pressure and inflammation to the plantar which cause pain and discomfort while walking. You need to wear proper shoes with supportive insoles and to align your neck and spine. This will fix hips imbalance to achieve pain relief.

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